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King of Avalon – Guide to Statistics Part 5: Dragons, Emblems, and Stones (for Solar)

In this King of Avalon Video we go over Dragon Statistics including Skills, Dragon level statistics, Dragon Emblems and Dragon Stones in detail and how you can raise them in a free-to-play way as well as what you should focus on.

King of Avalon – The Solar Kingdom Guide to Statistics Part 3: Hero Weapons and Heroes!

In this King of Avalon Video we go in-depth discussing Hero Weapon and Hero statistics, where to get them, when to upgrade them and how to do it in a free-to-play environment (or close to) and stay competitive! We go over Raven Hero Weapons and Torrent Hero Weapons and the heroes Brutus, Dindrane, Lancelot, King […]

King of Avalon – Solar Kingdom Guide to Statistics Part 2: Gems and Equipment

In this King of Avalon Video we go through Gems and Equipment and discuss the strengths and weaknesses and the actual statistics you get from them and how they compare to other item types. This will help you decide on what to upgrade and what to focus on to get the most out of your […]

Top 10 Things I want to see in King of Avalon in 2021

In this video I list the things I would love to see in KOA in 2021. These are the things that I think would make the game better and keep people playing/keep activity. Includes Kingdom merge, making it easier for non-spenders to compete, better events (like UAC) and less of the bad events and less […]